how much does a plumbing course cost

How Much Does a Plumbing Course Cost?

If you are considering a career in plumbing but are unsure how to pay for a course, you might wonder how much a plumbing course costs. You can enroll in a plumbing course through Penn Foster Career School, which has flexible payment options and a money back guarantee for six days after the start of class. Some plumbing courses can be completed in conjunction with a high school diploma, reducing overall time to completion. Another course offered by Ashworth College has been designed by experienced professionals. how much does a plumbing course cost

If you’re unsure about how much a plumbing course will cost, you can get help from the National Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors or local career centers. Erie BOCES, for instance, offers a 100-hour plumbing course for $1,300. Nassau BOCES, a state organization of the National Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association, has a few scholarships for plumbing students each year. The National Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors offers more than $25,000 in scholarships each year. The Tennessee Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors offers several $1,000 scholarships each year. To learn more about licensing requirements in your state, visit the Contractor’s License Reference Site.

Costs vary based on the state you live in, the institution you choose, and the length of the program. In California, for example, a nine-to-12 month plumbing course could cost anywhere from $14,675 to $31,928, but programs are more affordable in other states. For example, in Georgia, a plumbing service and systems specialist certificate program, Residential/Commercial Plumbing Technician Certificate Program, and Plumbing/Pipefitting Technology Diploma Program cost $1,250. In contrast, brick-and-mortar plumbing schools are expensive and can cost more than a thousand dollars for just a few hours of training.

While some plumbing courses are free, most full-length courses offered at accredited schools will cost about $1,500. Some schools offer tuition payment plans and some even reimburse the tuition costs. Of course, the tuition cost pales in comparison to what successful plumbers earn. The course, however, does not make you a plumber – you must have years of experience to become licensed. Nonetheless, a plumbing course provides the foundation you need for a successful career in plumbing.

In addition to the course fees, you will need to pay for textbooks. In Chicago, the journeymen plumbers union charges $620 for curricular books. The state licensing process for plumbers costs between $75-300. This process lasts between one and two years. For this reason, plumbing courses are generally more affordable than a bachelor’s degree. If you’re serious about becoming a plumber, this is a good choice.

In New York City, you’ll need a license to work as a plumber. After you have obtained a journeyman license, you’ll need a master’s license. There’s a training center at UA Local 1 in Queens that specializes in plumbing. They offer courses that include test preparation for the master plumber exam and the OSHA requirements and safety laws. LaGuardia Community College is also an excellent choice for a plumbing course.

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