how to become a plumbing inspector

How to Become a Plumbing Inspector

If you’re looking for a career in the plumbing industry, you may be wondering how to become a plumbing inspector. This job entails a great deal of training and education. To become a plumbing inspector, you’ll need to have a Master Plumber or Journeyman plumber license. In addition to these credentials, you’ll need to take and pass a written examination. Additionally, you’ll need to be employed by a government agency or a company that has an inspection contract. how to become a plumbing inspector

While the demand for plumbing inspectors will be steady, it is likely to rise in the coming years, as our aging infrastructure requires more repairs and maintenance. Plumbing inspectors usually need a high school diploma or a GED certificate, although some employers prefer candidates with an associate degree in plumbing. Most states require candidates to complete a plumbing training program, which can last from four to five years. This program will teach you the basics of plumbing and construction.

A plumbing inspector inspects plumbing systems and appliances, making sure that they are safe, legal, and installed by a licensed plumber. Most plumbing inspectors are employed by the government, although some may contract out their work to a third-party company. Plumbing inspectors must be fully qualified plumbers and have additional certifications. The pay is competitive, but it is a satisfying career path. You can earn up to $76,000 per year as a plumbing inspector.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of plumbing, you’ll be able to specialize in energy efficiency inspections. As an inspector, you’ll be responsible for conducting energy audits and making recommendations for improvements. Besides energy efficiency, water conservation is another major focus. Because water is becoming a finite resource, it’s crucial to know how to conserve it. You can install devices that track water usage, and they’ll notify users when they’re using too much.

Becoming a plumbing inspector requires an excellent understanding of building codes. You will be responsible for identifying problems before they happen. You’ll be able to notice problems early on and take action before they become an expensive or dangerous disaster. A plumbing inspector’s salary varies depending on education level and size of the company. However, there is no guarantee that employment in this field will increase as fast as the overall job market.

To become a plumbing inspector in Washington, you need to be a certified journeyman plumber. You must have a valid PL01 journeyman plumber certificate from Washington State. You’ll also need to complete the mandatory training on time. During the training, you’ll be required to complete a comprehensive online course. And, after completing your classes, you’ll have access to these materials for 90 days after graduation.

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