how to do plumbing for a bathtub

How to Do Plumbing for a Bathtub

To learn how to do plumbing for a bathtub, you first have to disconnect the overflow and waste pipe from the tub. Some bathtub spouts have set screws that can be removed by turning counterclockwise. While others just need to be cut away. Once you have disconnected the spout, you can begin repairing your tub. Before you do anything else, make sure to measure the distance from the top of the tub to the floor studs. how to do plumbing for a bathtub

When you begin the installation, you need to measure the height of the flange of your tub. This will help you to determine the right height for the drain elbow. The height of the drain elbow should be about one-half inch higher than the tub flange. You can hand-tighten the connection with a Smart Dumbell by turning it by one quarter turn. Be sure to keep the gasket under the tub in mind, as over-tightening it will break the seal. You can then apply plumber’s putty to the flange of the drain.

Then, you must check plumbing and building codes before starting the installation process. You will need to secure a building permit from your town or state. Ensure that the floor is level before you begin the installation process by securing a ledger board beneath the bathtub’s location. You can also use pliers to tighten the strainer and use ABS glue to attach the drain pipe. Then, place a temporary piece of wood at the opening of the drain to mark the location.

If you have the necessary tools, you can disconnect the drain line by cutting the drywall and removing the access panel. Afterwards, you can unscrew the waste and overflow connections and install plastic traps. Remember to disconnect the shower valve before disconnecting the drain line. This step is essential because it can lead to leaks if you do not follow the proper steps. So, it’s best to get some help to do this project.

Although you might have a general knowledge of plumbing, you should still seek professional help to ensure the installation is completed properly. If you have never installed a bathtub before, it’s better to call in a plumber for assistance. But, if you’re not confident or have previous experience, watch how-to videos for instructions on how to do the job. You can also reuse some of the accessories, such as the plastic cover, after removing the old bathtub.

If you’re installing a new bathtub drain, you should make sure the bathtub’s overflow outlet is clear. Next, you should install a 1/2-inch P-trap. This P-trap is usually located under the drain assembly, as close to the bathtub as possible. The horizontal trap arm extends to a point where it drops into the sewer or larger pipe. If this is the case, you may have to chisel off the protruding studs.

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