how to install plumbing for a bathtub

How to Install Plumbing For a Bathtub

If you’ve ever wanted to add a bathtub to your home, you might be wondering how to install the plumbing for one. Here are some easy steps to follow. Before you begin, make sure all shutoff valves in the area are shut off. You will also need to lay down a drop cloth to prevent spills. Remove all faucet hardware, including the taps, spout, and showerhead, and then remove the tub drain and the overflow drain cover. how to install plumbing for a bathtub

First, remove any existing drywall. If necessary, install new drywall. If you have an unfinished basement, remove any old wallpaper and mud from the area where you want to install the bathtub. If your tub is a freestanding model, you’ll need to put up a support structure before putting in the plumbing. Also, be sure to check that the floor is level before you install the bathtub.

Next, check the plumbing code in your area. In most cases, installing a bathtub requires a permit from your town or state. Make sure the tub is level and secure. If you’re unsure about a particular area, use a temporary piece of wood as a guide. Don’t forget to measure for the drain opening. Make sure the pipes will fit. Once they are all level, you can cut the pipes to fit.

Before installing the plumbing for a bathtub, you’ll need to remove the overflow drain cover. A trip lever can prevent water from draining out of the tub. Then, you’ll need to remove the plastic cover that covers the overflow drain. Lastly, you’ll need to remove the overflow cover. After that, install the stopper and connect it to the drain pipe. The overflow drain will keep the tub from overflowing, and the overflow drain will direct water into the drain pipe.

To install the drain, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Make sure to apply plumber’s putty around the screws, and place a rubber gasket over the drain outlet. Next, align the drain flange with the overflow drain. After connecting the drain pipe, place the overflow elbow. Use the screws included in the overflow drain assembly kit. Once you’ve completed the installation, you can refinish the bathtub encasement to match the spout.

Once you’ve installed the drain and overflow, you’ll need to connect the overflow drain to the drain above the trap. A trap consists of a compression fitting that screws into the overflow assembly. Another component that you’ll need to install is a brass female threaded winged fitting that attaches to the framing support. The overflow pipe connects to a mixing valve. This valve is the key to mixing water into the bathtub system.

The drain assembly is often referred to as the “guts” of a bathtub. It’s hidden behind a wall when you install the bathtub. It contains the mechanism that operates the trip lever stopper. This lever is connected to a spring-loaded rocker arm that raises and lowers a weight wedged into the drain opening. If you’re not sure what these parts are, a plumber can help you with this step.

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