what is an aav in plumbing

What is an AAV in Plumbing?

If you’re wondering, “What is an AAV in plumbing?” then you’ve come to the right place. AAVs are a type of vent that allows air to escape. They’re also becoming increasingly popular in plumbing due to their environmental benefits. However, AAVs are still illegal in many states, including California. Listed below are some things to keep in mind when installing an AAV in your home. what is an aav in plumbing

An AAV is used in plumbing to avoid unpleasant drainage odours. These valves open at the ‘Point of Need’, or when the water drains out of a drain. Air gets into the plumbing vent pipe as it releases wastewater, balancing the pressure in the drainage system. The air in the plumbing vent pipe also prevents clogging of drain pipes. The air inside the AAV allows the drainage system to function properly.

While AAVs are effective at removing foul odours, they may be more expensive than vent pipes. Unless the AAV is designed by a manufacturer, it may not be installed in septic tanks or under-sink pump outs. The best AAVs, however, are those that are engineered and designed by the manufacturer for a specific application. They should be installed at a safe distance above the drain served, as the seal could fail and become inoperable when the drain is stopped.

AAVs should be properly sized to prevent excessive wastewater flows. Flows should not exceed the AAV rating because excessive wastewater can siphon out of the traps and can release explosive methane. AAV manufacturers usually describe the sizing of their products. For example, Oatey rates their products in DFUs (discharge units), while Studor explains their products in liters per second.

AAVs can be a problem when a washing machine is emptying. When back-pressure occurs, the machine pumping the waste water into the drain line is too large to discharge properly. AAVs can also cause clogged drains in the outside of the building. If you’re wondering, “What is an AAV in plumbing?” don’t be afraid to ask questions! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

AAVs need to be installed vertically. Make sure there’s enough space below the AAV for adequate airflow. To make the installation process easier, cut the horizontal waste arm at the 5 inch mark. Once the horizontal waste arm is cut, the vertical pipe is positioned on top. The AAV should also be in a position where you can access it for servicing. Once the drain line is connected, the vertical pipe should be cut to a level above the waste arm.

Installing an AAV in your sink is relatively easy. Installing an AAV requires a new sanitary tee fitting and a short upward extension pipe. AAVs can be installed inside the wall during remodeling projects, but they’re usually installed under the sink cabinet. This is a fairly common installation. It’s easy to install, too! If you’re a DIY plumber, it’s a great way to save money.

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