when indoor plumbing invented

When Indoor Plumbing Was Invented

The question of when indoor plumbing was invented may seem trivial, but the answer is much older than you think. Before the 1800s, people resorted to natural resources for their drinking and cleaning water. Drawing water meant filling up jugs and carrying them back home. Plumbing was a luxury for the wealthy and was only found in the homes of upper class citizens. In 1829, Isaiah Rogers installed eight water closets in the Tremont Hotel in Boston, which became the first hotel with indoor plumbing. The White House was the first building with running water on its main floor in 1833. when indoor plumbing invented

In the 1740s, New York City constructed sewer tunnels that eventually broke down. A decade later, new sewer systems were built in the city. This allowed more homes to have indoor plumbing. In the 1960s, plastic pipes were invented, which solved the problem of copper shortages. Then, in 1980, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) became law, which required public buildings to install indoor plumbing in their buildings. By 1920, nearly half of U.S. homes had indoor plumbing.

While modern indoor plumbing was not developed until the mid-19th century, the earliest known systems of water and sewage pipes were created as far back as the ancients. In the Neolithic era, people used drainage pipes to provide water to homes and dispose of waste water. The Minoans of Crete were also responsible for the first flushing toilets. Until the 1596 introduction of indoor plumbing, the first toilets were only found in the homes of royalty.

The first water heater was developed in the 1870s, and it was soon installed in most houses and some smaller buildings. This was an enormous leap forward for indoor plumbing, as people were still using pots to heat water and pouring it into a bath tub to wash themselves. In 1596, Sir John Harrington designs the first flush toilet and nearly loses the invention. His next invention, the flush toilet, is improved upon by Alexander Cummings.

The first bathtub was designed by Mr. Thompson, a businessman who envied Lord John Russell’s invention. It was made of mahogany, lined with sheet lead, and weighed almost a ton. The tub fixtures connected to two pipes in the attic. One pipe carried cold water, while the other carried hot water. The hot water pipe had to be coiled down a chimney, so that the water heated up as it passed.

In 1857, sewage systems were introduced in Chicago and Brooklyn. In the 1880s, the city of Chicago became the most advanced in the world. Alexander Cummings designed the first toilet, and a few years later, Thomas Crapper improved the design of the toilet. With the invention of indoor plumbing, sales skyrocketed – three hundred and sixty seven percent between 1929 and 1954. But still, 1.6 million people live without indoor plumbing today.

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