who invented plumbing and drainage

Who Invented Plumbing and Drainage?

The first public water main was laid in New York City streets in 1830. The city’s need for adequate water supplies became evident in the wake of several fires. In 1848, the National Public Health Act was passed, establishing a model plumbing code which was adopted throughout the world. Private homes began to use water heaters around the turn of the century, and the introduction of circulation pipes between hot water storage tanks and water-heating units helped make pressurized hotwater available in volume. Inventors of plumbing systems include Robert Manning and Charles Crook. who invented plumbing and drainage

Originally, the world’s earliest public bathrooms were made of baked clay and straw. In ancient times, the Egyptians had 300-foot-long wells and a water wheel. They had public latrines that were used in a room with twenty seats. The water from these public baths was often unfiltered, leading to outbreaks of disease. Once the Roman empire fell, plumbing technology was virtually nonexistent. King Louis XIV of France demanded water from fifteen miles away. In the late 16th century, Boston had a water system that included a sewer system. In 1738, J.F. Brondel invented the first valve-type flush toilet.

The Romans are often credited with contributing to modern plumbing. The Romans invented the Cloaca Maxima, a system that carried water throughout the city. This sewer system is now vaulted and closed. At the time, water flowed through these aqueducts via gravity. Regular running water helped to clear debris from drains. But with the passage of time, the Romans mastered the art of plumbing.

While we take for granted modern home plumbing, many societies have incorporated introductory elements throughout their history. In the early ages of human civilization, ancient societies were using copper pipes to transport water and control waste. The Egyptians even invented primitive toilets and built their pyramids in stone. Historically, this kind of technology has become so important to human society that it has contributed to the evolution of civilizations. The first civilizations to utilize pipes and drainage systems used in homes began around 3500 B.C.

At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, flush toilets were not affordable for average people. In fact, indoor plumbing was scarce. A rudimentary system was installed in the White House. Plumbing in homes was a luxury for wealthy travelers and the U.S. president. But flush toilets meant little to the common man, particularly the laborers and farmers. The idea of a flush toilet was not considered a major advance until the end of the nineteenth century, when Isaiah Rogers installed the first flushable water closet in the Tremont Hotel in Boston.

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