A Guide To Discover The Wonderful Places Of Derby


This blog will be about the city of Derby, UK. It will offer some insight into what you can do there and what there is to see. It will include many ideas of what you can do, see, and eat. It will not be a city guide but more of a list of some of the favourites among tourists. This list is decided upon by the writer, so you won’t find them all, but it should give you a pretty good idea.

North Area

Darley Park 

Darley Park is a serene place to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. It’s almost excessively picturesque! This park has many streets that are popular with walkers, joggers or anyone who loves sitting at its numerous restaurants throughout the day. You can also sit restfully here if you love listening to the artists perform concerts while looking up at the trees, which Mallow loves doing while she sits on her favourite green bench while waiting for Veronica to get out of class during the summer. One could say she’s an amateur-photographer because she always takes pictures while sitting in Darley’s beautiful creek area just beyond the Summer Concerts where many people gather during this time each year.

Kedleston Hall

The Curzon family is a prominent British noble family. It is of French origin and is one of the most ancient families in England. The Curzons, originally de Courcels, were established at Kedleston Hall from the early 13th century. They were a political family, three times Lord Chancellor. This was to be a small holding; the Great Hall was small and low, with a dais at one end. The Curzons were a great and generous family, and the room was big enough. The house was extremely comfortable, with paper on the walls and good curtains, which hung in the windows and not across them.

Belper Park Local Nature Reserve

If you’re looking for a relaxeing weekend excursion in Belper, take a trip out to the Belper Nature Reserve! You’ll find plenty of flora and fauna here – including trees, trees, trees! Centrally located between Matlock and Derby, this is a beautiful area filled with greenery without losing any of its charms. It’s also well known by dog walkers that come out to enjoy the fresh air and take care of their pets at the same time! Be sure to bring your camera because it’s the perfect spot to take pictures of the sunset or even some wildlife if you happen upon them. Watch out too for pheasants and rabbits hopping about near the stream running through the middle of the reserve – it’s an excellent opportunity for somaeone wanting to try their hand at capturing wildlife on camera!

Allestree Park

This urban park bridges the gap between the built environment and green countryside on the northern edge of Derby City. Allestree Park boasts some of the best views in Derby from the edge of ‘Big Woods’ looking over the Derwent Valley where it’s said you can see as far as Nottinghamshire or even Wexford, Ireland! There are various lakeside walks, mature woodlands to explore, grasslands to picnic on and wildflower meadows that even come with a Highland cow grazing sighting during fall because they’re bound to eventually make their way there if not already making life difficult for local farmers.

Hydrangea Derby

The Derby Hydrangeas, run completely by volunteers, is the largest National Collection of Hydrangeas in the UK. You’ll find it in Darley Park near the Terrace café. This collection owned by Derby City Council is housed in a walled garden in Darley Park, Derby and is open from July until October. The volunteers maintain and enlarge it year on year. There are now 850 plants including lots of rare species and varieties which you can admire on your visit

Here’s a map that leads you from the North area of Allestree Park, Duffield Rd, Derby to our unit at Plumbers Derby, 19 St Christopher’s Way, Derby DE24 8JY, UK.