How to Fit a Victorian Plumbing Bath Panel

If you are looking for instructions on how to fit a Victorian plumbing bath panel, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll show you the steps you need to follow. First, measure the panel from top to bottom, from the bath to the plinth. Once you’ve measured, you need to screw the panel into place. Once the panel is secure, you should add silicone to protect it from water. You can buy silicone and fill in the screw holes. Once you have the materials for the panel, you can start to fit it to the frame and the bath. Make sure that the bath panel fits the lip of the bath. Then, make sure the panel fits the width of the bath. This will be the panel’s connection to the wooden frame. You’ll need a hand held drill to make the frame. Then, use a hand-held drill to cut the wood. To begin, remove the old panel from the bathtub. You may need to use a lot of elbow grease and a sealant-removing tool to cut through the silicone. Once you’ve removed the old panel, you’ll need to cut the sealant, and make all the incisions necessary. Afterwards, you’ll need to install the new panel. Make sure to follow the directions of your bath panel. Now, drill a hole through the bottom of the rebated timber and insert the screws. Before you start, be sure to use an electric detector to check for pipes or wires in the wall. Next, drill the wooden screws through the lip and footing of the bath. Make sure that they’re seated solidly before moving on. You should also use a small saw to cut the wood panels. When fitting the Victoria Plum acrylic bath panel, it’s important to follow the directions carefully. This will prevent any water leakage. Once you’ve done this, you should adjust the panel to match the side of your bath. Don’t forget to use sanitary sealant to prevent water from leaking out. Once this is completed, you can enjoy your new Victorian plumbing bath. You’ll be pleased with the results! Lastly, when fitting a new bath panel, make sure you check the height of the existing bath panel. Most of the panels come as one piece. Make sure to double check that the new one is the correct height for your bathroom. Some of the baths can be adjusted up or down by the supplied legs. You’ll need to measure the height before fitting the new one. A two-piece panel will have one panel at a fixed height and a separate plinth. These are best for sloping floors, but make sure you measure it. Click here to learn more about atag boiler servicing derby.

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