How to Install a Shower Mixer Plumbing

You may be wondering how to install a shower mixer in your bathroom. First, you must turn off the water inlet. Next, use a flathead screwdriver to remove the mixer handle cover. Then, use the provided nuts to secure the handle in place. Next, connect the hot and cold water pipes to the swivel elbow. After that, connect the swivel elbow to the plumbing circuit. Finally, make sure that the swivel elbow is firmly attached to the wall. You must install separate 3/4-inch lines for the hot and cold water. This will guarantee good water pressure and protect the bather from temperature changes. It is best to connect the hot and cold water lines as close as possible to the water heater. Make sure to move studs if necessary in order to accommodate the plumbing behind the tub. If you have any doubts, you can call a plumber. You may need to install a shut-off valve as close to the shower as possible. First, you must punch a hole in the wall. You should have the access panel available to you. If the access panel is not, you may have to drill a hole in the wall. After that, you can snap on the access panel cover. Once the access panel is installed, you can paint the area to match the wall. Then, you can install the shower mixer plumbing. In this way, you can enjoy showering with your new shower mixer! Once you are certain that you have the required plumbing, you should begin installing the shower. To begin with, you must disconnect the water supply. This is usually done with the stopcock located under the sink. Next, open the hot and cold taps, then tee in the pipework. Follow the instructions on the valve. The hot supply should be on the left and the cold supply should be on the right. Lastly, you should carefully consider the type of shower you want to use. Thermostatic mixers use a sensor to detect changes in water temperature, preventing scalding or drastic changes in temperature. Thermostatic showers are usually more expensive to purchase and install than nonthermostatic ones, but the added water savings can help you save on your water bill! There are many different types of shower mixers and they all require slightly different plumbing. Once you have the basic plumbing in place, it’s time to install the shower mixer. Before installing the unit, you must remove the old mixer. Locate the hot and cold water feeds, and align the mixer’s “S” union connectors. Once you’ve located these, screw in the new mixer and ensure it fits properly. If you’ve installed a thermostatic mixer, you will also need to check the temperature and check for leaks. If you’re not confident with your math skills, a calculator may help you make sure you’re installing the right shower valve. Using a ruler, mark the height of the vertical stud. Then, screw in the handle adapter using the Allen key. Be sure to point the handle to the floor when you turn the water off. If the handle is on the wall, wrap it with Teflon tape. Click here to learn more about derby boiler cladding.

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