How to Create a Plumbing Pipe Lamp Using a Light Bulb

There are many different ways to create a plumbing pipe lamp, but one way is to use a light bulb. You’ll need a light bulb, an elbow, and a socket. Then you’ll want to install the strain relief fitting on the back of the lamp. It’s essential to test your pipes before wiring them together to avoid dangerous electrical hazards. If you’re not sure how to wire the lamp, you can try using Gorilla glue to hold the wires together. A pipe lamp can be a rewarding DIY project. These lamps are typically used for more than just lighting, and they can be shaped to be whatever you want. Some people choose to create sculptural industrial diy pipe lamps, which showcase their design ideas and feed their imagination with unique pieces of industrial design. By using special lights bulbs and metal pieces, these DIY pipe lamps are also a great way to display artistic or practical ideas. To finish the lamp, you’ll need a bulb that matches the color scheme. White chose a large Edison bulb for his. You’ll also need a reducing bushing of about one-third of an inch to increase the base’s width. Finally, you’ll need an eight-inch length of 3/8-inch tubing, as well as a neutral wire. When the lamp is finished, simply turn on the bulb and enjoy the unique lighting effect! Click here to learn more about commercial plumbers derby.

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