How to Use a Plumbing Snake in a Toilet

If you want to unclog your toilet, you may be wondering how to use a plumbing snake in snaking your drain. Thankfully, this process is much easier than you might think! First, insert the snake’s head into the toilet drain and push slowly while not cranking it. Pushing with too much force can damage the pipe and drain entrance. Next, uncoil the snake and feed it slowly into the drain, keeping the handle close to the drain entrance. Once you have finished, you should see the auger moving freely and easily through the pipe. Once you have the snake ready to go, you should place the drain bucket near the toilet. A rag or towel around the base of the toilet may help you place the snake into the drain. After the clog has been removed, you should see that the water in the drain has returned to normal. To prevent further damage to the drain, you should clean the snake after each use. Once you have finished using the plumbing snake, you can move on to cleaning the toilet. Next, you should remove any obstruction in the drain pipe. The snake can go down the drain as far as the main soil stack, but the cable must be at least 3 feet long for this purpose. Once inside, you should pull the rubber sleeve down to the coil end. The rubber sleeve prevents the metal cable from scratching the drain pipes and porcelain. Remember to keep your workspace clean and your pipes well-protected before moving on to the next step. In order to get rid of a clog in the pipe, you must first clear the drain and remove any accumulated waste material. The best way to do this is to use a toilet snake or an auger, which are specifically designed for this purpose. A regular snake can harm the porcelain of a toilet bowl, which is the reason it is a bad idea to use it on a toilet. After you have made sure that the drain pipe is clear, you can try using a plunger. You can also try a combination of vinegar and baking soda to loosen the clog. Nevertheless, if the clog has reached the toilet trap, it may be impossible to remove the entire blockage with a plunger alone. You might need to call a plumber for help if you don’t know where the drain pipe is and you don’t know where the pipe is located. Another option is to purchase a plumbing snake. These snakes are made specifically for use in toilets, so they are smaller and designed to deal with blockages inside the home. Because they are so flexible, they are useful for tackling blockages in the toilet that are too difficult or too stubborn for a plunger. The plumbing snake features a helix-shaped hook with a wider gap between the coils. You simply turn the crank to move the snake’s hook through the pipe. If the blockage is shreddable, this is a very effective tool. Click here to learn more about emergency boiler repair derby.

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