Livewell Plumbing and How it Works

If you’re interested in fishing for bream or bass, you might be wondering about livewell plumbing and how it works. There are several different parts of a livewell, and they all play an integral role in ensuring the health of your fish. Learn how to properly install your livewell plumbing and avoid the common mistakes that can cause you to lose fish. Listed below are some things to keep in mind: Most livewells come with a bottom drain, which you must plug before you can start pumping water. However, you should also make sure to use a strainer on the drain, since this prevents maggots from crawling out of the livewell and into your boat. A strainer will keep fish and bait alive, so make sure you get one with a strainer. To help keep your livewell plumbing and livewell pump functioning at peak efficiency, you should also purchase a Baitwatch alarm from Signet Marine. These devices will let you know when your livewell water level drops, so you can transfer your bait to a secondary well and fix the problem. Livewell plumbing is easy to understand. You should know where each valve is located. The arrow on each fitting points toward the stern of the livewell, and a large black hose connects to it. In addition to a garden hose, there are standpipes and through-hull fittings to handle overflow. And, of course, the large black hose is the drain line. Having a good flow of water is one of the most important factors of a livewell, as the fish will gasp for air and a steady flow of water is essential for their survival. In addition to water flow, livewells should also have a feeding tube to keep different species of bait fresh. Insufficient water flow or too strong a flow can result in the death of your fish. And if the livewell is too big for the fish you are fishing, you may have to invest in a large tube. Click here to learn more about lady plumbers in derby.

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