What is a Petcock Valve in Plumbing?

A petcock is a small valve that controls the water flow in a plumbing system. Its function is to set the flow of water into auto-cisterns. Generally, you can adjust the petcock’s setting using a flat blade screwdriver. It’s important to leave about 20 millimeters of air between the petcock and the pipes it controls. Moreover, you should adjust the water flow so that the urinal is flushing at the maxeimum amount of litres per hour. Generally, you can adjust the water flow based on the number of bowls in your bathroom and the position of the 750mm valve. In the vehicle, petcocks are installed on a fuel line or carburetor. Some of these valves regulate the flow of gas from the fuel tank to the carburetor. Others are in the radiator or tank and allow for a drain point for the coolant system. Both of them operate on the same principles, but are designed differently. When deciding which type of petcock is right for your home, be sure to research how to use them properly. Click here to learn more about viessman boiler service derby.

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