What is a Water Hammer in Plumbing?

If you notice that your pipes are squeaking, leaking, or bursting at unexpected times, you may have water hammer. If you experience this annoying noise, it is imperative to get it fixed right away. Knowing what causes it will help a plumber fix your pipes faster and save you money in the process. Water hammer is caused by sudden changes in water pressure, which causes shockwaves inside the pipes. One of the causes of water hammer is the faulty installation of pipes. These pipes are often not adequately secured, and therefore are prone to swinging when the water pressure changes. Check the visible supply pipes for water hammer and gently move them as you run water. If the problem persists, turn off the water and locate the source. If you suspect a faulty valve, install pipe supports or plumber’s tape to secure them. A vertical pipe near a water valve is installed to act as a cushion to absorb the shock when the valve closes. However, if the air chamber becomes clogged with water, it will no longer work effectively. To drain water from the plumbing system, shut off the main water valve. Next, open the highest faucet in the house and drain water from the lowest. If this doesn’t work, contact a plumbing service provider. When water suddenly changes direction in a pipe, it creates a sudden shock wave inside the pipes. The resulting shock wave in the pipes causes damage to the pipes and can lead to costly repairs. To avoid water hammer, call a plumbing service as soon as possible. This simple plumbing repair will save you from a costly water damage problem and ensure that your pipes are working properly. So call a plumber to get your plumbing system working again! A plumber will start by draining the main water valve from the main water line. Then, turn on the water valve and close all faucets in the house. Check the water valves. If your pipes are spitting water, it is most likely a water hammer. You may need to install a water-pressure regulator and air chambers. It’s important to follow all installation instructions carefully. Another cause of water hammer is excessive pressure. To avoid water hammer, you should install a pressure regulator on your main line. The air chambers in the pipes should also be larger to accommodate the high pressure and prevent water waves from being generated. If your pipes are old and not reinforced, you may experience water hammer as a result. To avoid water hammer, consider adding a metal reinforcing plate to your pipes. Click here to learn more about new boiler installation derby.

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