What Is Plumbing First Fix?

In plumbing, the first fix is the basic pipework for water supply, waste water drainage, and space heating. First-fix plumbing is often done concurrently with electrical installations, as the plumber needs space to work. Second-fix plumbing involves connecting and commissioning appliances, such as a boiler, bathroom sanitaryware, and drainage systems. Some projects require condensing boilers, which require additional considerations. Here are some basics about first-fix plumbing. Plumbing is a vital part of any new build, but there are many things that must be done before plastering and wiring can be finished. This is because certain types of plumbing can be difficult to work on after the building process, causing major disruptions. Therefore, it is best to plan plumbing work ahead of time, so that you don’t run into any major problems afterward. First-fix plumbing can include underground pipework, waste water drainage, and more. The term first-fix can also be used to describe electrical and plumbing stages. When it comes to electrical work, first-fix work involves an electrician pulling cables through walls or ceilings. This is done before plasterboarding or insulation is applied. Because this is the most visible part of the building, the electrician may leave exposed wires or cables that can’t be easily repaired. First-fix work is typically not visible in the finished building, so it is important to hire a professional to handle the work. Click here to learn more about boiler services in derby.

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