Which Way Do You Tighten Plumbing?

Tightening plumbing fixtures correctly is vital when you are working around water. Plumbers advise you to tighten them just enough to prevent leaks, and over-tightening is detrimental to preventing warping of rubber fittings inside pipes. When tying up loose fixtures, tighten them to the left. When tightening them to the right, however, you may experience leaks, so be sure to be extra careful to avoid damageing your fixtures. Tightening pipes correctly is vital when preventing leaks. Generally, pipes are made of different materials, so tightening them too much can cause the rubber seal to break, resulting in a leak. Also, over-tightening the fittings can strip the threads and make it impossible to tighten them again. This can lead to a leak or crack in the pipe, which can cause it to burst or crack under extreme conditions. While it may be tempting to cut a part of your plumbing, this is a last resort. Not only do you need the right tools, but the positioning of your cutting tool will affect the outcome of your repair. It may be worth experimenting with your tools before tackling your next project. You never know when a fastener may become stuck. If this happens, you can try working back and forth to remove it. Besides tightening your fittings properly, you should also know how to wrap the threads of the pipe. In general, you should wrap pipe threads in the direction of tightening. This is known as the “righty tighty – lefty loosey” principle. For loosening, you can turn the pipe counterclockwise. This is also important for plastic pipes, as over-tightening can damage them. Click here to learn more about gas boiler fitters derby.

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