How to Disconnect a Quick Connect Plumbing Fitting

If you have ever needed to disconnect a plumbing fitting, then you probably know how to disconnect a quick connect. There are several types of these connections, and knowing how to do it properly is crucial to prevent injury. Listed below are some tips to make the task easier. When disconnecting a quick connect plumbing fitting, use appropriate tools. Pipe cutters, pipe disconnect tongs, and disconnect clips are useful for removing copper, PVC, and brass pipes. To disconnect a quick connect plumbing fitting, you will first need to locate the main water supply valve. This is located outside your home and can be easily reached by turning a circular handle or lever. Make sure the lever is facing out, away from the house, and the direction of water flow is up. You can open this valve by turning a faucet or garden spigot. Once the valve is open, unscrew the fitting and remove it from its connection. Alternatively, you can use a colette, which has a stainless steel teeth that hold the tube securely in place. This device should be tested before use, so that it is as effective as possible. Place the colette against the face of the fitting and press it against the tubing. Pull the fitting and the tube out of the colette. If you use a colette, make sure to test the fitting for leaks. Quick connect plumbing fittings are made for frequent tubing connections. They are convenient for water change equipment, reactors, and plumbing that must be disconnected on a regular basis. They are often installed on water treatment products. Depending on the connection, you may need to remove the fitting from its connector. There are different types of quick connect plumbing fittings, so choosing the one that fits your needs is the best choice. There are many types of quick connect plumbing fittings available in the market today. Click here to learn more about glow worm boiler spares derby.

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