How-To Plumbing – Installing a Toilet

You’ve probably been wondering how to properly install a toilet. If so, it will help if you have some basic plumbing knowledge. After all, the entire process should only take a few hours if you’re confident that you can complete it yourself. Here are some steps to follow if you’re unsure about how to properly install a toilet. You should start by unplugging the toilet. After this, you should start to open the walls around the toilet. A big hammer and a pry bar will help with this. Then, measure the distance between the waste pipe and the soil stack. You want the waste pipe to slope upward about 1/4 inch for every foot. Once you’ve got the right distance, you can start installing the toilet. Make sure you use female adapters and PVC pipe cement. Once you have the correct length and shape, install the sanitary tee. Make sure to install it with the inlet facing down so that the sweep inlet doesn’t get blocked by the toilet’s drain. Before you begin, be sure to wear protective goggles and use safety equipment while working. Make sure you have the right tools for the job, including a drill and wrench. A 2″ water supply connector and drainpipe will be required for toilets. Be sure to account for the grade of your toilet and the size of your pipes. If you are planning on leaving the drainpipe open, use a rag to keep out any sewer gases. Next, remove the old toilet. Remove the trim caps around the base and remove the bolts that are holding the old toilet in place. You may have to cut these bolts with a hacksaw. Ensure to use a heavy-duty lubricant to loosen the nuts and bolts. If you’ve caulked the toilet, you can use a utility knife to score through the caulk. If you’re doing the installation yourself, be sure to remove the old waxe seal before doing anything else. Once you’ve removed the old supply line, you can now install the new water line. You’ll need a PEX pipe, which will run from your old water source to the new toilet. Make sure to use a t-connector so the new pipe can connect to it. Once the water supply line is installed, you’ll need to connect the supply line with a turn valve in the wall. You should use a t-connector to attach the new pipe to the wall where the toilet is going to be installed. After completing all the steps above, you’re ready to install the new toilet. First, you’ll need to remove the old toilet seat and lid. Next, you’ll need to attach the tank to the bowl. Next, you’ll need to connect the water supply line to the bottom of the tank. Then, you’ll need to attach the tank and bowl to the new toilet. Make sure to use slip-joint pliers when connecting the two parts. Click here to learn more about gas safe boiler service vaillant derby.

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