How to Do Plumbing For a Wall Hung Vanity

To do the plumbing for a wall-hung vanity, you must know where to look. To locate the plumbing lines, you will need to remove the cabinet doors and set them aside. Next, you should look for the pipes located on the back of the vanity. Use a hole saw to cut a pilot hole through the plywood back and then proceed with drilling the pipes. Once you are done, you should install the vanity and install the faucets. You should also know what kind of trap you will need for your sink. This will depend on the style and design of your vanity. Traps are tubular assemblies that connect the sink to the drain. Certain types of sinks require a Bottle Trap while others use Space Saving Siphons. In either case, you must carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The plumber should also know how to install the traps for the sink. If you plan to use a wall-hung vanity, make sure to take measurements of the space where the vanity will be installed. Be sure to determine the height and width of the walls, as well as the depth of the drain and water connections. You also have to check the placement of the drawers and drain. Make sure they are placed where they are meant to be, as improperly installed ones can result in drawers sticking out or not being able to hang properly. In order to install a wall-hung vanity, you must beef up the wall behind the vanity. You can do this by notching the studs behind the vanity. Then, you must install a horizontal support beam across these studs. This supports the weight of the vanity. And don’t forget to use the lag bolts to anchor the floating vanity. This is the most important step to install a wall-hung vanity. Click here to learn more about free boiler repair quotes derby.

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