How to Find a Plumbing Cross Connection

A cross connection is the type of plumbing fixture that connects two pipes in a home. Using a cross connection means that the drinking water pipe is connected to a non-potable part of the plumbing system. A cross connection could be anything from lawn irrigation to air conditioning. Even a laundry tub could have a cross connection. To locate a plumbing cross connection, shut off the service valve on your washing machine and check the water supply line to your washing machine. If you can’t locate the cross connection, try shutting off the mixing valve on your washing machine. Plumbing crossover is an unpleasant experience, especially during hand washing, face washing, and dishwashing. Not only is it unsanitary but it poses a health risk. While locating the cross connection, you might be able to locate it with a little help from a plumber. Once you have located the leaking cross connection, make sure to contact your water company for a repair. You can also ask them for a quote for any necessary work. Cross connections may also be caused by appliances like water softeners, washing machines, dishwashers, and water powered backup sump pump systems. A cross connection can also occur in an old bath tub, since the spouts are below the flood rim of the fixture. This problem is easily remedied by installing a backflow preventer. But there is another way to prevent a cross connection: installing an air gap at the cross connection points. Another type of plumbing cross connection is an irrigation system that connects to a non-potable water source. These cross connections may also involve a garden hose that is submerged in pesticide mixture. Piped connections can also have cross connections with firefighting equipment. Proper cross connection control can prevent contamination in your drinking water system. But it’s not just about prevention. Keeping your home plumbing cross connection points free of pollutants is the best way to avoid a plumbing backflow. The most common plumbing cross connection in a home is a garden hose. This extension of water pipe can suck water back into the water pipes during low pressure. To prevent this, install a hose bib vacuum breaker on the faucet end. These breakers can be purchased from any home improvement or hardware store. When winter comes, you should remove them. This will prevent a leak from damageing your water supply. Click here to learn more about new boiler installation derby.

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