How to Hide Plumbing Pipes in Basement

If you’re planning to build a home with a basement, one of the challenges you’ll have is how to hide plumbing pipes. It can be difficult to hide the pipes, but there are many ways to do so. One of these options is to wrap them in rope. You can get rope that is twisted around the pipes and sprinkle it with catnip to attract cats. This is a great idea because it hides the pipes while preventing the cats from touching them. Another option is to paint the exposed pipes in an interesting way. You can also use pipes to create a side table, or hang towels. In some cases, you can even use them as a support beam, or as a load-bearing structure. For a truly unique look, you can have the pipes customized into columns that fit your decorating scheme. Once you have your pipes covered, you can also use them as storage space or hang up your favorite books. Once you’ve hidden the pipes, you can then use the space in the basement as a living space and enjoy your newfound space. You can also use mirrors to hide the pipes. These are best for vertical pipes, but you can also use freestanding mirrors if you have recessed pipes. They’re also taller than wide, so you can move them easily. Another solution is to conceal the pipes with appliances. If you don’t have the wall space to place a mirror, you can use furniture to block the space. You can also hide pipes with paint. If you want to hide pipes in your basement, try some creative ways. There are many options to hide pipes. If you’re not creative, you can build a column around the pipes to make the room more relaxeing and personal. You can even use fake foliage to hide the pipes. Just remember to wear protective gear and don’t forget to wear goggles and gloves! If you’re unsure of what to do, you can always turn to HomeX virtual experts to help you with the project. In basements, pipes near the entrances can be converted into decor features. You can cover them with fabric or carpet, but rope is best. If you’d like to hide the pipes completely, you can wrap them with a rope and glue it to the back of the pipe. Wrapping the pipes with rope will help them blend into the background, and you’ll have an attractive storage space. Once the drywall is finished, you can add trim and paint the walls. Another option is to use furniture. Decorative elements like shelves, side tables, and other furniture can help hide the pipes. By hiding these pipes in the wall, you’ll have a cozy, comfortable space in the basement without having to sacrifice functionality. In fact, some homeowners even choose to use the space under the pipes as a living room. The problem of hiding pipes is one that’s unique to each house, but one that can be solved with a little creativity. Click here to learn more about water boilers derby.

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