How to Hide Plumbing Pipes

If you have pipes in an area of your home that you don’t want visible, one of the best ways to hide them is to put them in a cabinet. Most homeowners simply install a cabinet door to cover the pipes, but some owners like to use a drawer as a cover. Adding a drawer to hide the pipes can be a little tricky. Be sure to measure accurately and make the cutout for the drawer the right size before you begin installing it. Another clever way to hide pipes is to make them appear like a column. You can build a column around the pipe if it runs vertically. If the pipes are not visible, you can hide them entirely by covering them with drywall. If you’re not the DIY type, you can call in a plumber to help you. Alternatively, you can paint the pipes in the area, making them unnoticeable. Exposed pipes can also be concealed by incorporating them into the design of the room. Some people choose to paint the exposed pipes the same color as the walls. This is a good way to blend in with the decor of the room. However, if you prefer to have an exposed pipe in a different color, it may look better if you paint it a complementary color. The same goes for pipes that are exposed in a different room. Fabric curtains can hide the pipes underneath your kitchen sink. You can make them look like small curtains or even use them as additional storage space. Another great way to hide plumbing pipes is by placing them under a cabinet. Fabric curtains are also great for hiding pipes because they can be made to look like small curtains. They can also double as a closet for your kitchen or other areas of your home. You can even cover them with decorative accessories to add a decorative touch. If you’re planning to install a cabinet in your bathroom, you can conceal the pipes behind it. This DIY solution will cost you a little money but it will make your pipes look completely invisible. All you need is a couple of simple materials and a bit of handyman skills to complete the project. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to conceal plumbing pipes in your bathroom! Just make sure to follow the directions carefully. Another way to hide plumbing pipes is to install storage cabinets. While these can hide the pipes behind the toilet, you might not find the perfect cabinet that fits over the pipes. Be sure to compare prices and features before making your purchase. One of the best selling storage cabinets is the Spirich Shelf Over the Toilet. This storage cabinet is meant to save space over the toilet, but it can also conceal pipes. Adding a shelf over the toilet is a great option for hiding pipes, but it may not suit your particular room’s design scheme. If you can’t find any suitable cupboards, then you can turn pipes near the entrance into decor features. A piece of fabric or carpet can cover the pipe, but a rope is the best choice. You can attach natural rope to the back of the pipe and wrap it up until the ceiling. Then finish the job with a discreet blob of construction adhesive. The end result will be a beautiful, practical solution to hide plumbing pipes. Click here to learn more about leaking faucet plumber derby.

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