How to Solder Plumbing Copper Pipe

If you have ever wondered how to solder plumbing copper pipe, then you are not alone. This DIY plumbing tutorial will teach you how to solder copper pipes. The process is easy and should be completed within an hour or less. Before beginning, you will need the appropriate tools and safety equipment. Before you begin, make sure to clear a work area close to the plumbing system. Make sure that you have a drop cloth or some other protective material covering it. If possible, use a fan or an open window to help reduce fumes. First, you need to prepare the copper pipe and the fittings. Use heat shields to protect sensitive surfaces. You can also pull out three to four inches of solder from a roll and turn it into a small hook. This makes it easier to solder the fitting’s edges. Once the solder is melted, you can then apply the solder to the joint. Lastly, you can clean the pipe after soldering. Before soldering plumbing copper pipe, shut off the water supply. This is important because it can be difficult to solder copper while water is present in the pipe. Make sure to drain the pipe before attempting the repair. If the pipe is corroded, it is best to cut it and then resolder it to avoid putting more strain on the copper pipe. Afterward, you can re-flush it. To seller copper pipe, it is important to make sure that the copper pipe has been chemically treated first. Without this treatment, the solder cannot properly adhere to the copper pipe. A chemical treatment called flux is necessary. Water base flux is the best choice for potable water systems. It will be easier to apply than water-based flux. However, you must remember to apply flux to the pipe outside of the fitting or pipe to prevent the solder from flowing inside the joint. To cut the copper pipe, you can purchase an adjustable cutter, which will help you cut pipes with different diameters. If you do not have a pipe cutter, you can use a grinder or hacksaw to cut the copper pipe. Remember to wear safety gloves when doing the cut as the cut edges can slash your skin if pressure is applied at the wrong angle. In addition, when cutting copper pipe, make sure you have a clean cut and a flat surface. Another essential tool to have in your toolbox is soldering flux. A good quality flux will remove any oxidation from the pipe, as well as etches the surface. However, you should choose your solder based on the jobsite variables, ambient temperature, and time limit. It is best to choose a lead-free solder if you do not want your pipe to rust over time. The result will be a weak or leaky joint. Before you begin soldering plumbing pipes, you must first shut off the water supply at the source. You can also use an isolation valve to shut off the water supply for the work area. If you cannot shut off the water to the entire home, then drain the pipes using nearby faucets. Some water may remain in the pipes after the solder has been applied. If this is the case, you will want to use a pipe cleaner and a pipe patch kit. Click here to learn more about glow worm boiler spares derby.

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