What Does DZR Mean in Plumbing?

If you are unsure of what DZR means in plumbing, you are not alone. Many homeowners find themselves asking this question when it comes to installing new plumbing fixtures. However, there are some important things you should know about DZR valves. Learn what it means to have a valve labeled with this symbol. Also, know that the size of DZR valves can range from 1 to 4 inches. DZR stands for dezincification-resistant brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. However, most plumbing fittings made of brass contain too much zinc, resulting in a white powder on the surface. Over time, the zinc in brass will break down and the metal becomes porous and weak. To avoid this issue, you should use Brass fittings made of DZR. The quality of these products is guaranteed by the quality of the brass used to make them. DZR valves have threaded connections. Threaded connections give you a streamlined connection. DZR valves usually have a female threaded end connection that fits into male threaded pipes. There are three types of threaded connections: female, male, and tapered. All of them have their own industry standards, including thread tapered. For this reason, DZR valves are suited for a variety of plumbing applications. The quality of a plumber’s fittings depends on the degree of dezincification. Brass is particularly susceptible to corrosion, and the higher the water hardness, acidity, or alkalinity, the greater the chance of dezincification. DZR valves are made of brass that has superior dezincification resistance. Using DZR valves means that they can last a long time, and will resist corrosion better than any other brass valves. Click here to learn more about plumber near me derby.

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