What Does IPS Mean in Plumbing?

You may have heard the term “IPS” before, but what does it mean in plumbing? In this article, you’ll learn the meaning behind this term and what it means in the plumbing world. These sizing standards are used to describe the outer diameter of various types of pipes, from polyvinyl chloride to steel. In most cases, the outside diameter of PVC pipe is the same as the outside diameter of steel pipe. PVC fittings, on the other hand, follow the NPT sizing standard. IPS stands for “Inside Pipe Size.” Earlier, CTS was used to refer to the diameter of copper tubing. Its standard diameter was 2 inches, but in reality, it was actually 2.125″. This resulted in the need to develop a new standard for piping. Nowadays, you can buy PVC pipes in a variety of sizes, including the “NPT” (National Pipe Taper), which is also used in plumbing. Another term for IPS is “National Pipe Thread.” This is the threading standard used for IPS. Its purpose is to ensure that various pipe parts fit together. For example, a 1-inch pipe that has an IPS thread will fit into a one-inch NPT elbow, and a one-inch pipe that is threaded with an NPT 90 degree will also fit into an IPS. Those who are unfamiliar with this term may be wondering: what does IPS mean in plumbing? IPS units are typically threaded and are commonly used on non-copper and brass fittings. These fittings are threaded and will fit any pipe dimensions. For example, a 3/4-inch IPS fitting will fit a 3/4-inch IPS pipe. The same principle applies to a 1-inch IPS pipe. These fittings also match the size of the pipe. In fact, IPS fittings are often interchangeable. An IPS can save you up to 20% on the total cost of a washroom installation. They also minimise risks and installation times by hiding pipework. Plus, they are more visually pleasing. IPS can be supplied with standard or customer-specified sanitaryware and a variety of fixtures. If you’re wondering what IPS stands for, read on. You’ll find that it’s not difficult to use. Click here to learn more about derby city council boiler scheme.

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