What is a WHB in Plumbing?

Whether you’re a newbie plumber or a seasoned veteran, knowing what is a WHB in plumbing will help you better understand these types of pipes. The term WHB has many meanings and is commonly used as an acronym in text messages. To learn more about WHB plumbing terms, download our free PDF or image file. You can then print it out or share it with friends via social media. If you’re unsure what a WHB is, it stands for water hammer arrestor. In the plumbing industry, this type of valve is usually found in the supply pipe of a water heater. It’s used in plumbing applications to protect against fire by limiting line surge pressure to 1500 P.S.I.G. In order to prevent fires, plumbers must install water supply pipes near the north wall of the ef room. Click here to learn more about derby handyman plumber.

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