What Plumbing Tools Do I Need?

Plier: A common tool for plumbers, pliers help you grip objects and can tighten and loosen plumbing pipes and fixtures. They have serrated jaws for tightening or loosening tight pipes. Hacksaw: A versatile tool that can cut through metal, plastic, and other types of pipes and hardware, a hacksaw is useful for a variety of tasks. They can be used to tighten and loosen pipes and tighten nuts. Various types of sandpaper: For smoothening pipes and other surfaces, sand paper is your best friend. Also, you can’t have enough o-rings or washers. Identify which sizes are most frequently used, and invest in several sets to have a varied assortment. Lastly, don’t forget a soldering iron: soldering irons are not available in bulk at your local hardware store. Hacksaw: This versatile tool has a sawtooth blade on a three-inch shaft and works with an impact drill or power drill. It cuts most types of pipes. Use it to cut drain stubs to the floor or remove broken pieces of pipe and prepare the way for a new section. Pipe cutters are made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. Nipple extractor: A tool that extracts pipe nipples from pipe fittings. It has a long battery life and is easily portable. Adjustable wrench: For tightening and loosening hexagonal nuts, an adjustable wrench can do the trick. Plumbers typically keep a six-inch and a ten-inch adjustable wrench in their toolboxes. An X-shaped wrench, also known as a faucet key, opens and closes spigots and sillcocks. Its telescoping design makes it easy to reach tight spaces. Plunger: For cleaning and unclogging drains, a plunger is an indispensable tool. They are versatile and can be used for toilets and sinks. After using a plunger to remove a clog, it’s a good idea to vacuum the debris away. A hand auger, sometimes called a plumber’s snake, is another essential tool for plumbers. It’s a long steel cable with adjustable jaws that can help clear clogs. A hand auger is a circular handheld device that plumbers use to drive cable deep into the piping system. Different models of hand augers have different capabilities and sizes. While a hand auger is sufficient for most drains, a hand auger can be updated to clear tougher clogs. A drain snake machine is a larger motorized version of the hand auger that can handle deeper clogs. Wrench: Another common tool for plumbers is a pipe wrench. This wrench can loosen and tighten fittings on pipes. It comes with two wrenches: one holds the pipe and the other turns the nut or fitting. An experienced plumber will carry a full set of pipe wrenches in their toolbox. A basin wrench is a T-shaped tool used to tighten faucets. This tool is useful for plumbing jobs in confined spaces, since it allows the plumber to reach tight corners of the sink or faucets. Hacksaw: A plumber should carry a hacksaw. Hacksaws can be dangerous, but professional plumbers take safety precautions to avoid severing the pipe. Handheld pipe cutters are another useful plumbing tool. These tools have a blade on the open end, which is convenient for cutting plumbing pipes. These tools are essential to a plumber. They should always carry spare blades on hand, just in case they need them. Click here to learn more about trusted trader plumbers in derby.

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