Who Owns Victorian Plumbing?

Founded in 2000, Victorian Plumbing Group plc is a retailer of bathroom products online. Its aim is to be a one-stop shop for all of your bathroom needs. Founded in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, Victorian Plumbing is headquartered in Skelmersdale. However, there are several people in the company’s senior management team. Here, we take a closer look at each of them. They have been involved in the company’s success from the start. Founded in a garden shed, Victorian Plumbing has grown from humble beginnings to a PS1bn company. The stock market debut last year was a massive success for the business and the share price has since skyrocketed. After selling PS266 million worth of shares in the company, Victorian Plumbing’s shareholders are already quids in. In fact, their stake is so large that it has already outstripped Queen Elizabeth II’s PS365million fortune. Click here to learn more about best plumbers in derby.

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