Why Is Plumbing a High Fire Risk?

Inexperienced plumbers and poor plumbing maintenance are two main causes of fires. When a fire breaks out, firefighters are usually the first to arrive and use water and steam to extinguish the blaze. While firefighting efforts are successful in putting out a fire, the water and steam cannot get into tight spaces and may cause considerable damage to plumbing. That’s why it’s important to have a plumber do your plumbing repairs regularly. Fires can also break out in pipes if they become corroded and are exposed to high temperatures. Even a small leak can cause sparks to fly. Fires can also start if the pipes are protected with heat tape, but heat tape can overheat and catch fire. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned against using heat tape as a fire barrier. Instead, they recommend wrapping the pipes with pipe insulation. Plastic piping poses a high fire risk. Burning plastic piping produces high levels of hydrogen chloride, a highly toxic gas with extreme corrosive properties for the human lung. It can lead to a fatal fire for the occupants. Moreover, burnt plastic pipes release dioxin, a chemical that can cause severe burns to eyes and lungs. For this reason, plumbers must take extra precautions when installing pipes. While the results of the Purdue study show that pipes don’t do very well in heated conditions, it’s important to note that the findings of the experiment have only a limited scope. For example, firefighters cannot conduct the same experiments with pipes exposed to increasing temperatures. Therefore, researchers are continuing their studies to determine why plumbing is a high fire risk. They hope to find ways to mitigate these problems. The study will also reveal how widespread the problems are and the best ways to mitigate them. In addition to this, leaks in pipes that are hidden may be able to cause a fire. This is due to the water seeping into an area with electrical wiring and sparking. Therefore, it’s important to use low-level heat in plumbing repairs. Even if you’re not sure if your pipes are leaking, don’t wait too long to contact a professional plumber. You might just save a lot of money! A plumber should be licensed to repair your plumbing system. This can help prevent any future fires by fixing leaks and other potential problems. A good plumber will always perform the necessary plumbing repairs in the best possible way. Whether you’re having a minor plumbing repair or a major renovation, Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with quality service. So call them today. These experts will make your home a safer place to live and work. You won’t regret it. Click here to learn more about boiler replacement derby.

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