What Causes Pinhole Leaks in Copper Plumbing?

What causes pinhole leaks in copper plumbing? These problems occur due to copper pipes’ age. Although they can be repaired or replaced, you should replace copper pipes when they become corroded or cracked. By doing so, you’ll save money and time. And you’ll be assured that your pipes will last you at least fifty years. Here’s how to repair copper plumbing. First, shut off the water source. After that, cut out the area that has corroded and then join the two pieces together. However, not all copper pipes are easy to access. In one case, the leak was located underneath a concrete slab. This meant that the homeowner had to take out the tile, then break through the concrete slab to complete the repair. If you notice that your copper pipes have developed pinhole leaks, it is likely that they have been damaged by extensive corrosion. In particular, leaks in straight sections of pipe are more likely to develop. If you see leaks in more than one straight section of pipe, chances are that the piping has failed. Another option is to replace copper pipes with PEX pipes. PEX pipes are inexpensive and easier to install than copper. In addition to causing damage to your copper pipes, pinhole leaks are also a source of mold growth. As these leaks occur inside a wall, the moisture in the walls provides a perfect environment for the growth of mold. Identifying a pinhole leak is easy because the pipes themselves are usually copper-colored. If they have green, blue, or brown discoloration, this is a sign of oxidizing copper pipes. Another reason why copper pipes have a high incidence of pinhole leaks is improper installation and poor quality. Poorly installed pipes will not resist corrosion as well as new ones, so it’s important to replace these pipes as soon as possible. If the pinholes are confined to one small section of pipe, you may not have to replace it. You can still repair the leaks by replacing the affected section. When pinhole leaks occur, a DIY plumber can often repair them by using epoxy putty. This putty contains a mixture of resin and hardener and is easily applied by hand. The putty sticks become uniform in colour once pushed into the leak. This solution will be effective until the plumber can perform a permanent repair. This method is not always the best choice for repairing copper plumbing. When this occurs, corrosion is the most likely culprit. Typically, this type of corrosion works its way from the inside of the pipe to the exterior. To prevent the leak, you can reduce the velocity of water and check your fittings. You can also install a water softener to slow the corrosion process. These methods can reduce the speed of water flow through copper pipes, which can also lead to pinhole leaks. Click here to learn more about back boiler service derby.

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