How to Qualify For a Trade Account With Victoria Plumbing

Interested in opening a trade account with Victorian Plumbing? You have come to the right place. Victorian Plumbing is a premier retailer of branded bathroom fixtures in the U.K. Victorian Plumbing offers its customers a great shopping experience, and many other benefits, such as a trade account and discounts on bulk orders. Read on to learn how you can qualify for a trade account and receive a range of discounts. The company has five senior management members, including Stephnie Judge, who joined the company as Radcliffe’s personal assistant in 2013. The MD is set to take over Radcliffe’s role on March 1, 2020. Because Victorian Plumbing has no retail space, they can ship their products to customers’ homes and still have a full range of products available. Retail sales account for 86% of Victorian Plumbing’s total sales, but the company is aiming to increase its trade customer base. The judge’s decision ruled that a passing off claim could be brought against Victorian Plumbing based on the use of its trade marks. He concluded that the advertisements were misleading and that the public would be misled by the implication that the plumbing company is affiliated with a plumbing business. The judge cited the CJEU judgment in Google France to support the rebuttal of the company’s appeal. The court held that Victorian Plumbing is liable for trademark infringement in the context of keyword advertising. Victorian Plumbing, formerly Victoria Plumb, holds several UK and EUTM registrations. It purchased the name Victoria Plumb as keywords from Google and would advertise its products whenever somaeone searched for it. Essentially, Victoria Plumbing was liable for any damage that resulted from its use of the name. As such, this case highlights the importance of choosing a suitable trade account with Victoria Plumbing. Click here to learn more about atag boiler servicing derby.

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