Causes of Noisy Plumbing When Flushing a Toilet

If your toilet is noisy when flushing, there are several possible causes. Water hammer is one such cause, and is caused when the water pressure suddenly stops or the valve gets clogged. It can cause a lot of water damage, but can be fixed quite easily. Think of it as a multi-car pileup in a pipe – cars in front of you are constantly banging into the vehicles behind them. Another possible cause of a noisy toilet is a worn out or brittle fill valve. This valve cuts off water flow when the toilet tank fills up, which can cause a loud noise when flushing the toilet. If this is the case, you can adjust the shut-off valve to reduce water flow to the toilet and install a regulated fill valve. The fill valve also might need to be adjusted to decrease the water pressure in the tank. Another potential cause of noisy plumbing after flushing a toilet is water hammer. This is a common problem with toilets. When water suddenly stops or changes direction, it creates a shockwave, causing pipes to vibrate and produce a loud banging noise. Excess water hits the walls of the pipes at high speeds and produces the sound. This condition is a sign of water hammer, and a plumber should be contacted if you experience this problem. If you notice a noise while flushing your toilet, don’t panic! There are many easy ways to fix it yourself, and some issues can be fixed without the assistance of a professional. If you’re not handy with tools, consider consulting a plumber or plumbing repairman. Most problems can be repaired with a bit of DIY know-how. However, if the issue persists for months or years, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Another common cause of noisy plumbing when flushing a toilet is a problem with the venting system. If the valve is not aligned correctly, it can force air out of the ventilation system and cause the toilet to gurgle. A toilet plunger can help loosen any obstructions in the venting system, which can also prevent the toilet from making a loud noise. And if your toilet is not properly aligned, it can easily back up when flushing, so it’s important to have it fixed as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing a noisy toilet, one of the most likely culprits is a dirty fill valve. When this component becomes too loose, it causes the water to leak into the toilet bowl. Consequently, it creates a slow leak within the tank, which leads to the noisy toilet. The flapper tends to wear out faster when exposed to chemicals. Therefore, it’s important to check the flapper periodically. If flushing the toilet does not solve the issue, you might be suffering from water hammer. This is caused by the water in the pipes displaces the air inside the chambers. To clear the plumbing system of this issue, you need to turn off the water supply from the main. Drain the pipes and open the faucets and toilets, which will force water out of the air chambers. If you still hear banging noises, you should seek help from a professional. Click here to learn more about emergency plumber derby.

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