What Is a Bushing in Plumbing?

A bushing is a metal component that has a threaded hole on the end. It is used to connect pipe fittings of different sizes. This type of bushing is a type of bearing or a cylindrical lining that reduces friction and wear inside a hole. A bushing can also be used as a casing for a pin, shaft, or hinge. This article will discuss some of the different types of bushings that are used in plumbing. A bushing is used to connect different-size pipes. It has a spigot fitting on the outside and a socket fitting on the inside. The spigot side of the bushing is threaded and the socket side is threaded. In the plumbing industry, a bushing is used to connect two pipes of different diameters. It is available in copper, brass, PVC, and stainless steel. A bushing is a cylindrical lining used to prevent wear and tear on moving parts. It is often used as a casing for sliding or rotating shafts, pins, and hinges. Bushings are also used to join two pieces of pipe of different diameters. A good source to buy bushings is Universal Power Conversions, which offers a variety of types for different applications. The company also offers a comprehensive online guide that can help you understand bushings and how they work. A PVC bushing is a type of reducing bushing that is used to join two threaded pipe fittings. This type of bushing plays a vital role in connecting pipes. Another type of fitting is a reducing elbow. It is similar to an elbow but has different-sized openings on each end. This type of bushing is also used to join two pipes of different sizes. It is made of PVC, which makes it a durable, versatile choice for your plumbing needs. Another type of bushing is the hex bushing, which reduces the diameter of a threaded opening. They are used for a variety of applications, including under the ground installation of water pipes and for radiator connections. Hex bushings are useful in many situations, but not all of them are compatible. When choosing a reducing bushing, keep in mind that the size of your pipe determines the type of bushing you’ll need. Click here to learn more about derby city council free boiler scheme.

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