How to Hide Plumbing For a Pedestal Sink

Rather than installing a whole new cabinet underneath your pedestal sink, you can cover the pipes with a storage bin or small basket. You can buy these items at a local store or find some that you have lying around the house. However, you should be sure to measure the space underneath your sink to ensure that the storage bin does not obstruct the pipes and the sink. Here are some ideas that you can try: If you cannot remove the pedestal sink, then you can conceal the pipes by placing a tall plant or a wide basket. You can even use potted plants to liven up the room and cover up the exposed pipes. Be sure to take note of the dimensions of the shelves before buying one. Alternatively, you can place potted plants under the exposed pipes to liven up the space. If you are unable to find any such plants, you can use the same idea of placing a tall plant on top of the pipes to hide them. Another way to hide the plumbing is to use a storage shelf. You can purchase storage shelves for pedestal sinks from Ikea, which slide into a place behind the pedestal sink. These shelves also provide additional storage space. Depending on the size of your pedestal sink, you may find that it is difficult to hide the pipes under it. However, it is easy to replace the sink if you purchase a replacement one. But before you install a new pedestal sink, make sure that you have enough space to move the existing pipes. Decorative objects and fold-away screens are other ways to hide the plumbing around a pedestal sink. A decorative plant or a decorative ribbon can also hide the pipes. Also, you can conceal pipes with a fabric sink skirt. This is one of the easiest ways to hide plumbing for pedestal sink. Besides, it’s also very effective. You can even hide the supply pipes and the sink trap with a stylish faucet. The sink skirt can be attached over your pedestal sink in a matter of minutes. You can find one on the internet or even purchase one for yourself. Just make sure to check the measurements first. Make sure that your sink’s size matches the width and height of your wall before purchasing the fabric. Alternatively, you can simply cut the skirt to match the height of the bowl. In any case, you can add a skirt by sewing a skirt over it, but you must make sure that the fabric is the correct height. If you don’t feel like building a new wall, you can hide the pipes by building a mini wall around them. This wall will be similar to the rest of the walls in the bathroom, but will be fitted to cover the pipes. You can build the wall yourself, if you have the necessary carpentry skills and don’t mind some extra work. Make sure to measure the area surrounding the sink, and then decide how much drywall you need. Click here to learn more about worcester bosch boiler installers in derby.

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